Aromatase inhibitors treat estrogen-positive breast cancer in women. Examples Anastrozole 1mg, letrozole and Femara etc. These drugs having antiestrogen effects have a large number of side effects. Prominent among them is weight gain.

    Weight gain can be balanced well

    Weight is common with aromatase inhibitors. Women especially experience weight gain issues. They are not able to manage it. The weight gain occurs within a year after treatment

    On the contrary, many women do not experience an increase in weight. Many studies have given these results.

    As a matter of fact, there are changes in fat distribution. A study reported a greater ratio of abdominal to subcutaneous fat. Higher abdominal fat results in an increase in insulin resistance and cholesterol.

    The reason behind weight gain

    No matter whether you feel hungry after taking this tablet, that’s not it. The disruption of estrogen-stimulated signaling is not beneficial for some patients. While Anastrozole 1 mg tablet is able to do it. It does have long-term consequences. That includes a tendency to interfere with fat molecule distribution in fat cells. That disrupts overall fat cell development and growth. This leads to glucose and insulin resistance. Eventually causing weight gain. Contributing to the development or worsening of type two diabetes.

    Enzyme lipoprotein lapse is controlled by insulin. It controls weight to balance it. LPL pulls out fat from the bloodstream and absorbs it into cells. LPL activity is inhibited by estrogen inhibitors. With less amount of LPL, this process does not occur. Eventually, the activity is altered and the body starts storing more fat molecules. Causing eventual weight gain.

    Consequences of such aromatase inhibitor-induced weight gain

    Whether it causes the recurrence of breast cancer is not clear. Although there are other forms of side effects. Such as weight gain. A particular study did report that this weight gain will influence the Anastrozole 1mg tablet efficiency and potency. Due to the effect on the circulating insulin. Although estrogen deficiency causes an increase in hot flashes and night sweats. Wight gain contributes to rising in these symptoms eventually.

    Preventing weight gain

    Exercise such as yoga and relaxation appears to be fundamentally fruitful. Adapting a proper and healthy eating diet plan is of utmost importance.

    It is important not to use estrogen supplements to reduce aromatase inhibitor side effects. Instead of controlling the disease, they might aggravate the unnecessary side effects

    Key takeaway

    There are lots of reasons to help in maintaining a healthy weight.  This makes us strong and energetic. Also, research shows that obese women have more changes in returned cancer.


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