One of the best role-playing games (RPGs) available right now is Rivengard – Turn Based RPG, a strategy RPG with turn-based tactical battles. The strategy you employ will be crucial in a battle of tactics. You’ll need a winning strategy if you want to defeat your enemies, especially if they’re strong. However, strategy alone isn’t enough; you’ll also need strong heroes to put it into action. This Rivengard ranking should come in handy.

    But much like other role-playing games, this one lets you collect a wide variety of heroes. This article serves as a guide for picking the best heroes. Find out who the best heroes are in this tactical role-playing game with our assistance.

    Rivengard Tier List – The Ultimate Characters from Excellent to Worse

    Many role-playing games’ selling points are the dozens or even hundreds of playable characters for players to try and collect. The difficulty lies, however, in selecting which characters to include in your team. In this respect, Rivengard is not unique. This is why a tier list is so useful; it allows players to quickly and easily find the best heroes.
    Heroes of Rivengard

    The S-Tier Heroes

    The S-tier heroes are the best option if you want to use the best heroes in Rivengard. They’re the strongest playable heroes in the game. They are superior in every way and will aid you in victory, even against the most formidable of foes. As a result, you should put most of your energy into recruiting and nurturing such personalities. That’s easier said than done, obviously.

    But you should at least know who they are. The S-tier heroes in Rivengard are:

    • Gix (Rogue)
    • Dorga (Mage)
    • Ziyad (Mage)
    • Akio (Warrior)
    • Yasamin (Warrior)
    • Thana Moh (Rogue)
    • Ranaklu (Mage)
    • Nimrul (Rogue)
    • Aceshru (Mage)
    Rivengard Thana Moh

    A-Tier Heroes

    Maybe you have some A-level heroes on your team right now if you don’t have any S-level heroes. Although they lack the raw strength of the S-tier heroes, they are still formidable foes. Even when up against the game’s toughest foes, they’ll be there to help you come out on top. You can use them effectively in place of S-tier heroes until you gain access to them. That way, you can continue to put your development efforts there.

    It is not necessary to wait for S-tiers or save up resources in order to develop heroes. They are effective enough to be used at any time. You can still make use of them if the situation calls for it, even if you already have S-tiers. This is especially true if you need specific heroes. In addition, there are a large number of A-tier heroes to choose from. Among Rivengard’s top heroes are:

    • Aradel (Mage)
    • Pelator (Mage)
    • Grandma Bones (Mage)
    • Hanna (Mage)
    • Katsume (Rogue)
    • Sir Matteus (Warrior)
    • Mivera (Rogue)
    • Pari (Rogue)
    • Sir Florianus (Warrior)
    Rivengard Katsume

    B-Tier Heroes

    If you still can’t get your hands on A-tier heroes, the B-tier heroes are a serviceable backup plan. They’re not as strong as the S and A tiers, but they’re not terrible, either. When facing off against more formidable foes, you may find yourself having some difficulty in combat. However, with the right approach and personnel, they can still be useful. If you put them on the right team, they’ll be able to contribute significantly to your success.

    You can still put money into their development, but you’ll have to put aside a good chunk of change to do so. The secondary heroes are serviceable enough to be used. However, you won’t need them for long because you’ll soon have access to A- and S-tier heroes. So, just cultivate them as you go along. If you need to make headway in the fight but your powerful heroes are still in training, then you should focus on strengthening your B-tier heroes. These are Rivengard’s available second-tier heroes:

    • Agnar (Warrior)
    • Bullmon (Warrior)
    • Sunshine (Rogue)
    • Tawa Rinji (Mage)
    • The Red Rat (Warrior)
    • Caradan (Mage)
    • Lyonette (Warrior)
    • Salvo (Rogue)
    • Monty (Rogue)
    • Naevys (Rogue)
    • Geometry Dash Subzero
    Rivengard Agnar

    C-Tier Heroes

    Using C-tier heroes is an option if B-tier heroes remain scarce. They’re good heroes, and they can still aid in some circumstances. However, you shouldn’t put any stock in them having the strength of S-tier, A-tier, or even B-tier heroes. Expect to have a hard time fighting, even against honorable foes. Fill out your roster with heroes from the lower tiers.

    When it comes to investments in development, hold off. Mostly just gaining levels through fights and equipment. However, it’s not worth the money to try to create them. Ultimately, their only purpose is to take up space. The available mid-level heroes are:

    • Areus (Mage)
    • Sigrid (Warrior)

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