Driving a car during rainy season invites several hurdles that make the process difficult. This is mainly because the vehicle tyres tend to lose their grip while driving on a wet road, and there involves a risk of car skit in case of emergency braking. Additionally, rainwater is not a very good friend of the car, which, when added up with the dust and grime of the road, proves fatal to car paint. To prevent the car in the best way, purchasing specific vehicle accessories for rainy season is essential. 

    But this purchase needs to be done from a renowned platform that houses some of the best quality products offered by top manufacturers. Various websites provide vehicle accessories online, but not all offer the best customer service on purchasing Indian car accessories online. One needs to check the customer reviews before making their final purchase decision. 

    Moreover, purchasing vehicle accessories from numerous platforms might not prove cost-effective. Therefore it is essential to choose an all-encompassing platform where all kinds of vehicle accessories can be easily bagged, including car surface cleaners, tyre repair accessories, car waterproof cover, car interior decoration accessories, and many more. 

    Useful Vehicle Accessories for Rainy Season:

    The rainy season calls for the requirement of some additional accessories, just like winter or summer. The dirty mud splashes or the hazy windshield threaten the car’s safety and longevity. As prevention is always better than cure, it is essential to purchasing these valuable accessories mentioned below to get ready for hitting the road confidently, even on rainy days. 

    Fog Rain Repellant Spray:

    The rainwater might work negatively on the glass surface and lower the oncoming road’s visibility for the driver’s part. This might lead to hazards, collisions, and even severe accidents. To avoid this, you can use a water repellent that would protect the glass surface of the vehicle from various contaminants present in rainwater and ensure clear visibility. 

    These rain-repellant sprays typically come with SiO2 and advanced ceramic suffused solution that even resists the formation of swirls and scratches on the glass surface. The product is readily available in the market and is quite affordable.

    Waterproof Car Body Cover:

    If you want to protect your car from exposure to rainwater while parking, a waterproof body cover is what you need. These are made of a unique kind of fabric that is plastic coated which offers the best protection against rainwater. Reducing the exposure to rainwater also ensures that the moisture is trapped. 

    This prevents unnecessary dampness or wetness of the car that might lead to corrosion and ultimate damage. While purchasing body covers, it is also essential to ensure that it sits smoothly on the car scars body. Loose material will not offer the best protection against rainwater. One can also go for tailored or customised covers according to the shape and size of the vehicle.

    Car Wax:

    Car wax is already in use and is preferred by most car owners. This is typically applied after a car wash to protect the paint from exterior damage. However, during the rainy season, this has an additional advantage as water droplets also invite numerous dirt and dust particles to accumulate on the car scars surface; applying a car wax would repel them instantly, keeping the car exterior safe and glossy throughout the year despite of the harsh weather conditions. 

    Waxing your car kinds it problematic for dirt to adhere to the car’s surface, and decent quality wax can also avoid minor scratches from common water splashes on the streets.

    Microfiber Cloth:

    You must have heard car owners complimenting car microfiber cloths by highlighting the advantages of their use over regular cotton clothes. However, a microfiber cloth proves helpful not only during a car wash but also to wipe off all the dust, dirt, and mud from the body after a drive in the rainy season. 

    As microfiber clothes come with the best absorption ability, they can be used to clean a surface in the best possible way. Purchasing a microfiber cloth would offer you the best services for years without the need to replace them frequently. 

    Air Freshener:

    Another problem car owners often face during the rainy season is that the car interior emits a musty or damp smell that makes the riders uncomfortable. This occurs due to the trapping of moisture inside the car. An air freshener is all one needs to drive away such an uncomfortable smell and boost the riders’ mood with an aromatic scent. 

    As an air freshener comes with various fragrances, one can also change them seasonally. This makes the overall car ride more luxurious and comfortable. 

    Final Thoughts:

    Stocking all these vehicle accessories for rainy season will help you to maintain your favourite vehicle well and drive smoothly amid the rain. If you have already included these accessories in your checklist before the rainy season and are searching for the best online platform to place your order at the earliest, Carorbis offers all that you need. 

    Not only will you find the best quality car accessories, but they have also secured the utmost customer satisfaction by offering affordable products, free shipping, hassle-free return policies, and free doorstep delivery. You can also address all your doubts regarding any product to their 24/7 customer support team. Happy shopping!


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