This article will help in you avoiding an unsuccessful outcome for your Indian e-Visa Application so that you can apply with confidence and your journey to India can be hassle free. If you follow the steps outlined below, then the probability of rejection for your Indian Visa Online Application will be minimised. You can apply for INDIAN VISA REJECTED here.

    Understand requirements for Indian e-Visa or (Indian Visa Online)

    Its important to first understand the essential requirements for Indian e-Visa before we learn about common causes of rejection and tips to avoid them. Even though the requirements are quite simple, a small percentage of applications for Indian Visa Online are still rejected.

    Essential requirements for an Indian e-Visa are:

    1. The passport should be an Ordinary Passport (that is not Official Passport or Diplomatic Passport or Refugee Passport or Travel Documents of any other kind) that is valid for 6 months at the time of entry.
    2. You will need a valid payment method (like Debit or Credit card or PayPal) and a valid Email ID
    3. You must not have a criminal history. You can read about Visa Policy of India here.

    You can read more about Indian Visa Documents Requirements here.

    Here are the top 17 Reasons for Indian e-Visa rejection and tips to avoid them

    1. Hiding criminal background: Hiding your criminal TYPES OF INDIAN EVISA history, however minor in your application for Indian e-Visa. If you try to hide this fact from the Indian Immigration Authority in your India Visa Online application, your application is likely to get rejected.
    2. Not providing full name: This is a common mistake and easily avoidable but unfortunately is a major reason for vast number of Indian e-Visa rejections. You must provide your name, surname and your middle name, if you have 1. Do not use initials or skip middle names. Example Tony R Baker or Tony Baker instead of Tony Ross Baker as shown in the passport.
    3. Multiple/redundant application: This is 1 of the common reasons for an Indian e-Visa rejection. What this means is that you had previously applied for an e-Visa which is still active and valid. Example: You may have applied in the past for Business e-Visa for India which is valid for 1 year and allows multiple entries. Or you may already have a 1 Year or 5 Years Tourist e-Visa for India that is still valid but you have lost the email or print out. In these scenarios, if you reapply for an Indian e-Visa then it is likely to get rejected because at a given time you are allowed only 1 India Visa Online.
    4. Pakistani origin: If you have mentioned any linkages to Pakistan with regards to your parents, grand-parents, spouse or if you were born in Pakistan. In this case your Indian e-Visa Application is likely to not get approved and you should apply for regular or traditional Indian Visa by visiting closest Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission.You should go to the Indian Embassy and apply for a regular paper visa by commencing the process here.
    5. Incorrect e-Visa Type: When there is mismatch between your main intention to visit India and the type of Indian e-Visa you apply for. Example, your main reason to visit India is business or commercial in nature but you apply for a Tourist Visa. Your stated intention must match the type of visa.Learn about types of Indian e-Visa available here.
    6. Passport expiring soon: Your Passport is not valid for 6 months at the time of entry.
    7. Not an Ordinary Passport: Refugee, Diplomatic and Official passports are not eligible for Indian e-Visa. You cannot apply for Indian Visa Online even if you belong to an eligible country for Indian e-Visa. If you need to apply for an eVisa for India, then you must travel on an Ordinary passport. For all other passport types, you have to apply for traditional or regular visa through Indian Immigration at nearest Indian Consulate or Embassy.
    8. Insufficient Funds: Indian Immigration Authority can ask you to prove that you have enough funds to support your stay in India. Failure to provide this information could result in Indian e-Visa rejection.

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