Temperature changes have an immense impact on the lungs. Hot, humid weather heightens lung disorders, which is why hospitalization rates rise during the summer season.

    The number of individuals with respiratory issues looking for the best lung specialists in Mumbai increases in the severe summer. High heat and humidity cause numerous cases of asthma flare-ups and other respiratory ailments. Different studies have shown the association between hot weather and breathing problems.

    Some effects of hot temperature on respiratory health include:

    • The body in extreme temperature conditions needs more oxygen to uphold the internal temperature. It affects the lungs and causes deep or rapid breathing (hyperpnoea).
    • During summers, the pollen count rises, triggering respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath in individuals suffering from respiratory diseases.
    • A study inferred that hot air provokes airway irritation and cough in people with allergic rhinitis. The reason found was the activation of the thermal sensors on the nerves of the larynx and the upper airways.
    • Extremely high temperatures direct the air to become stagnant and trap the pollutants in the air. It leads to the worsening of respiratory symptoms.
    • In hot temperatures, individuals sweat more and often suffer from dehydration. It dries the nasal passage, bronchial tubes, and lungs, causing shortness of breath.
    • It has been observed that hot air carries more water vapors than cool air; hence, the oxygen content is less, and humidity in the air is higher. 
    • This dense air might be hard to breathe, particularly for those suffering from chronic lung issues.

    Overlooking such symptoms can be critical for an individual with respiratory problems. Immediate consultation and diagnosis of such ailments from the best lung specialists in Mumbai must be the top priority of individuals.

    Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water and avoiding exposure to hot weather would be a lot helpful to avoid illnesses of the respiratory system.

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