Chess is one of the oldest games among children to enhance their intellect and it is one of the most competitive games in the world. Chess doesn’t only check how well your brain works but also check the stimulus-response action within the stipulated time. It is the topmost choice of parents for their children because knowledge and fun go hand in hand in chess. The game has shifted from offline mode to online mode in post covid era. Chess is a creative, intricate, and valuable instructional game for all age groups. Even are available to improve your logical and problem-solving skills as well as social skills. 

    Some Of the Benefits of Online Chess Classes Are:

    Work Under Pressure

    Chess is a time-bound game where the opponent is eagerly waiting for you to take a wrong turn under pressure. The guide teaches us how to maintain our calm and work under pressure while bluffing to distract our opponent. 


    Usually when children face a difficult situation, they run to their parents or teachers for solutions. But when you are in the middle of the game you can’t run anywhere and have to take your own decision either right or wrong to analyze the outcome. Chess Classes make children strong decision-makers.


    Chess is a unique game that teaches us to maintain discipline on and off the board. It requires a great deal of patience in chess in order to win against an experienced player. 

    Importance of Planning

    Children learn the value of strategy, planning, and execution in order to attain victory. An unplanned and sudden move made out of the heat of the moment can make us lose the hour-long match. One needs to analyze all the possible outcomes and think even before moving the smallest member on the board. 


    It is not necessary that you will be the winner in each and every chess match. It is a game of learning and improving your cognitive skills. Online chess classes prepare students to accept their failures and celebrate their victories and respect their opponents irrespective of the result of sportsmen’s spirit. If you win then celebrate the same with grace but if you lose learn the lesson and move on to sharpen your skills for the next game and respect the efforts of the opponent.

    Improve brain functions

    Playing chess activates both the hemispheres of the brain and helps the dendrites to grow further. A child consistently receives more information while learning something which helps the dendrites to multiply and transfer the information to other cells. Online chess classes help to stimulate the muscles of the brain and thus activated both hemispheres. 

    can do wonders for the overall development of the child. Each one of us is either left-brained or right-brained but chess helps to stimulate both parts of a child’s brain. Children learn the philosophy of fall, learn and move on from the game of chess with their every move and every failure or victory. 


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