Archero is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward role-playing game that still manages to immerse you in the heat of battle. Within the world of this exciting role-playing game, you play the role of a lone archer. Habby’s publication will send you on an adventure to save the world from an onslaught of villains. With your newfound abilities, you’ll go on a killing spree against your monstrous foes.

    Archero allows you to pick from a variety of weapons to dispatch the hostile monsters. Every one of these firearms is deadly in its own way. This article lists the top weapons in Archero, so you can choose wisely and make progress in the game. You can use these weapons to kill any adversaries you come across.

    The most important fact about Archero’s weapons is that they take time to level up. You’ll have to pick and choose which weapons to improve in this game. Using an inefficient weapon, especially one with a high rarity rating, can impede your progress. That’s why we made this guide for you: to help you get further along in the game. Without further ado, then, let us present the five finest firearms in Archero.

    archero best weapons

    1. Demon Blade

    One of the newest and most potent weapons in Archero, if not the newest. It already has potent game statistics that can improve your fighting prowess. This weapon is most effective when used in a direct frontal assault at close range.

    Ranged and melee modes are interesting additions. Using the Demon Blade allows for and encourages the inclusion of melee combat into the game. When used in melee mode, it provides a number of benefits to the player. It can deal shockingly high damage even when used in melee mode. In-game, this Archero’s best weapon will allow for exciting assaults on your foes.

    2. Brightspear

    In December of 2019, the powerful Brightspear will be added to the game, potentially making it the best weapon in the game. The laser-like projectile it fires will come very close to hitting its mark. Despite its slow attack speed, a 20% damage boost is still applied. Its ability to deal massive damage during attacks is legendary. You can deal an additional 3% damage per hit, up to a total of 30%. However, if you don’t hit anything for about two seconds, it will reset.

    What’s interesting is that Brightspear, when used as a weapon, deals a lot of damage in Archero. The Death Scythe and other weapons are held up as examples. The Brightspear’s effectiveness is often compared to that of the Death Scythe. It’s only superiority lies in a laser feature that comes close to hitting the mark. However, with Death Scythe, you can sometimes avoid this.

    3. Stalkerstaff

    Although it lacks the strength of Brightspear, it serves as an effective weapon nonetheless. When attacked, this odd weapon releases a tiny projectile. After a short pause, it begins firing automatically at the foe. What makes its projectile unique is its ability to curve towards any enemy. There’s a chance it won’t land, but it usually just misses. 

    Stalker Staff - Archero's best weapons

    Stalkerstaff is able to launch attacks at a normal rate and deal full damage on impact. When the enemy’s health is low, you gain the advantage of being able to execute more devastating attacks. As a result, this is the go-to weapon for taking down bosses and progressing through the higher Chapters. It takes a number of arrows to reliably deal damage, though. You can use these arrows to deal devastating damage to your foes if the projectiles slow down.

    4. Tornado

    This weapon style has an extremely potent built-in piercing that can deflect off of solid surfaces. After dealing about 44% damage to the enemy, it will return to you. Because of this, it is the best weapon for carrying out a complete room clearing. If an enemy gets too close, you can quickly and easily kill them with this feature.

    The more you use this weapon, however, the less effective it becomes. Primary damage, an extremely effective attack, has its strength reduced by 20%. Since Epic’s power can reduce the likelihood of this happening, you don’t need to worry about it. Furthermore, Epic’s ability can boost the damage by an additional 4%-66%.


    5. Death Scythe

    This used to be the preferred weapon of the Archero Backrooms. It does tremendous damage when used and knocks the target back, making it a formidable weapon. It also has an epic ability that can boost your damage output, which is obviously very useful. But its attack speed is slower than that of other weapons, making it less effective. The more you use it, the weaker it will become in the game.

    Damage from Death Scythe is high, on par with that of Tornado. This weapon is the same as others except that it has the slowest attack speed under certain conditions. This typically happens when your enemies launch a coordinated attack. To avoid being singled out, timing your attacks strategically is essential.

    Death Scythe - Achero's best weapons

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