The wedding location costs an average couple around half of their total spending. Couples might have a budget and Affordable Wedding Venues in Colorado in mind because the search for a venue starts around a year before the big event. You will increase your wedding reservations when you position your venue as an authority and offer useful tools throughout the preparation process.

    You must be aware of what couples want from a wedding location and, more significantly, how to deliver it, in order to accomplish this.

    Couples try to stay within their limitations.

    Although the colour palettes and outfits may still need to be finalised, the budget is frequently unavoidable. Let the couple know what they will receive from a contract and be upfront with them regarding budgeting and additional charges. Surprises are good for proposals but undesirable for venue costs.

    Due of its ease and potential savings, all-inclusive vacations are a good option for couples on a tight budget. DIYers can add extra unique elements by selecting a venue that provides à la carte alternatives. Be willing to modify offers to fit couples’ needs:

    Couples want all the facts upfront.

    Couples look up venue restrictions and limitations early on in the planning process. Comfort in signing a contract is increased by knowing that a location will meet their demands. When conducting a tour of the location, point out toilets, emphasise inclusive areas, allow the couple explore the place, and highlight special features—but don’t forget to give the crucial information.

    Couples want resources that make planning easier.

    Give couples access to materials for the wedding strategic planning so they will know where to go for a location. Building connections with planners and couples alike may be accomplished by providing resources, ideas, and access to knowledge about the location or business.

    Couples want honesty in communication.

    Couples seek assurances that there won’t be any unforeseen alterations to the venue they reserved for their wedding. To prevent the couple from falling in love with a water feature or window with stained glass that will be removed, planned renovations, remodels, or landscaping modifications should be communicated to them.

    Couples want to make an entrance.

    For couples, the availability of parking and transportation choices might be crucial. Do you provide special modes of transportation, such as hayrides to the barn, chauffeured antique cars for small groups, or gondolas to alpine chalets? Declare it in your wedding venue’s promotional materials and on venue visits. Make connections with nearby limo services, bus charters, trolley services, and private shuttle providers to develop transportation package options or just to have suggestions on hand should a couple inquire.

    Wedding venue sight tours should build an image for couples.

    Win reservations with personalised site visits, whether the couple arrives with a wish list or asks the events planner on staff for suggestions. People want to feel pampered and taken good care of while arranging a wedding. A little champagne is a stylish touch to nighttime site tours, chocolates and miniature cakes satisfy the sweet appetite, and bruschetta cooked with tomatoes and herbs straight from the inn’s garden showcase your venue’s culinary prowess. Site tours are a great opportunity for special treats.

    Fantastic references and glowing reviews are what couples seek.

    Couples want to be certain that you are thinking about their highest priorities. Referrals from your staunchest supporters can allay their anxieties, whether they’re looking for a location that can accommodate their zero-waste engagement request or that has a reliable alternative in the event of late-season snow.


    Each couple has a particular idea of what they want from their wedding location, whether it be a day of pampering, a vast field, a massive dance floor, or a towering cake. Couples want to have confidence that the location they select will result in the happy memories they’ve been hoping for.


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